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ALL SALES ARE FINAL at Sugarplum Studio.
No refunds will be issued to anyone who registers for an event or workshop then cancels or fails to show, for any reason, including illness.This policy is strictly enforced, and no exceptions will be made, for any reason.

Registration payments for your cancellation or missed attendance cannot be transferred to a future event.

While we understand that unforeseen circumstances arise, we’ve held your seat and prepared for your arrival, with labor and food materials.
We are happy to pack the food materials for your project to-go if you’d like to pick it up within 24 hours so that you can complete your project at home.

Exception: If the workshop is sold out with a waiting list and we are able to fill your cancelled seat from a waiting list, your registration fee may be eligible for refund. Cancellations MUST be made prior to the start time of the workshop in order to be eligible. All attempts will be made to fill your seat, but there are no guarantees.
No shows are ineligible for this refunding exception.

Your registration is a timed event ticket, much like a movie or concert ticket. We cannot delay the start time or start over for late arrivals. Please arrive on time.

Unscheduled birthday parties are NOT PERMITTED at Sugarplum Studio.
While you may register any number of people for our public registration workshops, these are make-and-take events that end at the posted time. While we are happy to announce your child’s birthday at the workshop at your request, no additional studio time for the consumption of edible art projects is permitted without prior arrangement with Sugarplum Studio. Private studio time following public registration workshops is available for rental, subject to studio availability.
This includes Cupcake Happy Hour.
Food and beverages may not be consumed at the worktables.

Safety First

As an edible art studio, we are committed to both food safety and the safety of our guests.

We strongly recommend that all guests who will be working on a food project, no matter the time of year, wear closed-toe shoes. Flip flops and open sandals are highly discouraged in the instructional studio area of Sugarplum Studio, even in the summer. Please understand that this is for safety purposes. We will not be responsible for any injury caused by a guest’s decision to wear open shoes

Our instructional staff is food safety certified and we adhere to township, county and state health and safety regulations.

Guests are encouraged to wash their hands before we begin working on our projects and we go to great lengths to avoid sharing tools and edible items whenever possible.

We ask that guests with long hair wear their hair restrained or off the face so as to minimize potential contact between hair and food.

Disposable polypropylene aprons will be provided for all events, but we will not be liable for any stains from food materials on guests’ clothing or belongings. If you or your child is allergic to polypropylene, or you would merely prefer, you are welcome to bring and wear your own fabric apron from home.

Guests at Sugarplum Studio are expected to behave safely and appropriately with all tools and food materials. Our staff reserves the right to remove any guest that is behaving recklessly or posing a danger to themselves, other guests or staff without any refund of monies paid or further liability to Sugarplum Studio.

Hold Harmless Agreement

All persons participating in an event at Sugarplum Studio must have a Hold Harmless Agreement signed by themselves if 18 and over, or by parent/guardian for all children under 18. No exceptions.
For your convenience, the Hold Harmless Agreement can be completed online at the time of registration for public events, on your online RSVP to private events or filled out on paper at the studio.
Download our Hold Harmless Agreement

Sharing Policy

Unless otherwise specified in the workshop description, projects are not able to be shared between two people. All decorators must be registered individually. The only exception to this policy is for assisting parents/guardians. Only one set of tools and materials is provided for each project, even if the workshop is a shared event.

Drop Off Policy

Drop off for children under 8 years of age is NOT permitted for workshops. Children under the age of 8 MUST be accompanied by a parent/guardian for the duration of the workshop.
Private parties may be drop off at the discretion of the Party Host.
Every minor child MUST be accompanied into the building by parent/guardian for check-in and provide an emergency contact number if they are not staying for the workshop or party.
Parent/guardian must enter the studio to pick up their child at the conclusion of the workshop or party.


Sugarplum Studio shares the parking lot with 3 other tenants. At certain times of the week, particularly the weekends, parking can be very tight. Please be respectful of any parking spots designated by signage for other tenants.

If there is a scheduled event at the restaurant, they may employ valet parking for a fee.

If our lot is full, there is on street parking across Berlin Road on McPhelin Avenue and several side streets for on street parking. Please be aware of any posted parking restrictions on residential streets. Please use the pedestrian crosswalk and use caution if crossing Berlin Road.
Sugarplum Studio can not control the amount of parking available in the lot.

Parking at The Centrum Shoppes is prohibited by posted order. If the occupants of any vehicles are observed parking at Centrum Shoppes in order to patronize any of the business at 211 Berlin Road, the vehicle will be towed at the vehicle owner’s expense. The parking policy is strictly enforced. If you do park there, it is at your own risk.

Sugarplum Studio will not be held responsible for any fees incurred or damages to your vehicle if it is towed as a result of parking in any prohibited area.

Photo Release Forms

Photos of happy customers are the best and most powerful form of advertising, and we often take photos and videos of classes and parties in progress for use on our social media sites and our website.

Photos and videos depicting hands and work in progress can and will be used without signed release forms.

For photos and videos that show faces we ask for your cooperation and permission to post these photos and you will be asked to sign a photo release form. We will never post names without expressed permission. Photo release forms are entirely optional and we will absolutely respect your choice to not have your or your child’s face photographed for any reason.
Download our Photo Release Form

Allergen Statement

We are unfortunately unable to accommodate dietary restrictions and food allergies due to the terms of our liability insurance.

All of the food materials at Sugarplum Studio come from sources where cross contamination of allergens is possible and shared processing equipment is used.

We do not allow any of the materials provided by Sugarplum Studio to be substituted with outside materials. This includes both food and decorating tools. Once a food item or tool enters our studio where allergens and the risk of cross contamination exist, it is no longer guaranteed allergen safe. We are sorry, but there are no exceptions to this policy.

Ingredient information and source on any specific product is available upon request.


Registration for workshops and special events that are open to the public can be made online at our Workshops page, in person at our studio location, or over the phone using a credit or debit card.

Absolutely NO workshop seats will be held in advance without payment. If you call the studio to reserve a workshop seat, please be prepared to pay over the phone using a credit card. Upon arrival to Sugarplum Studio, you will be required to complete a HOLD HARMLESS form, or you may print one from our website to complete at home and bring with you.

All of our workshops have a maximum capacity. While walks ins are accepted if spaces are available, we highly recommend pre-registration to ensure a spot.

If a workshop or event is SOLD OUT, we are unable to add seats, squeeze people in, or accommodate walk ins, nor do we hold a wait list. Please do not arrive with more people than you have confirmed registrations for. We will not be able to accommodate them. In the event that a registered person fails to show, their seat has been paid for and we will not give it away. We have no way of knowing if a person will be arriving late. In the event that a registered guest cancels their reservation, their seat will be made available for purchase.
Management reserves the right to release additional tickets for purchase at our sole discretion.

Please plan to arrive on time for scheduled workshops. We will not delay the start time of a workshop for late arrivals and we cannot guarantee that any portions of the project missed can be made up at the end of the session.
Workshop end times are approximate. Since workshops include children with a range of ages and abilities, some children will complete their edible art project sooner than others, while some will take the entire time allotted.


We accept cash, personal checks, credit cards and electronic payments using Square and PayPal. There will be a $50 charge for returned checks.

Gift Certificates

***Gift cards will be available in any denomination beginning on November 1, 2018***
Physical Gift cards available for purchase in-studio and eGift cards available for purchase on our website are backed by SQUARE.

Gift cards and older gift certificates currently in circulation can now be used to register online for workshops! There will be a box to enter the gift certificate or gift card number.

Registering by gift card/gift certificate temporarily holds your seat until your gift card/gift certificate can be validated.
If the registration fee exceeds the value of your gift card/gift certificate by more than $5.00, you will receive a SQUARE invoice for the balance due that must be paid within 24 hours or your seat(s) WILL NOT BE HELD. Once balance payments have been received, you will receive a registration confirmation.

Once the certificate has been redeemed for a registration, it is considered used and the cost of the registration will be deducted from the balance. No value will be refunded to the gift certificate due to your cancellation or failure to attend the event, for any reason. Regardless of payment method, we cannot add seats to sold out events.

Free Workshop Certificates donated as prizes for fundraisers expire six months from the date of issue, regardless of the date of the fundraising event.

Personal Belongings

Sugarplum Studio will not be held responsible for any loss of personal belongings while in attendance at any of our workshops, events or private parties.

Cancellation and Inclement Weather

In the event that the Governor declares a state of emergency for New Jersey, Sugarplum Studio will NOT open for scheduled workshops or private parties, no exceptions. Anyone holding a paid registration for a workshop or special event will be issued a voucher for a future workshop or studio credit good for 1 year from date of issue.

In the event of a weather emergency such as snow and ice that creates a hazardous driving situation for our guests or our staff, whether or not state of emergency is declared, Sugarplum Studio may cancel scheduled classes at the discretion of its management and will offer a voucher for a future workshop within 1 year of issue date. No refunds will be issued.

In the event of a Governor declared state of emergency, Sugarplum Studio will not open. All parties will be cancelled until the state of emergency is lifted. Party Host may reschedule based on studio availability with no further liability to Sugarplum Studio. In the event of hazardous weather that is NOT a declared state of emergency, scheduled private parties will be considered on a case by case basis at the mutual agreement of both the Party Host and Sugarplum Studio management. For impending hazardous weather situations, the Party Host may voluntarily choose to cancel prior to 24 hours of the party start time and reschedule at a later date without forfeit of deposit, plus a $50 additional rebooking fee. No guarantees are made as to the immediate availability of the studio for rescheduling. Rebooking fee must be paid at the time of rescheduling in order to secure the date.

For party reservations kept as scheduled during hazardous weather conditions, your reservation will commence and conclude at the scheduled time. We will not delay the start time for late arrivals.
Unscheduled overtime will automatically be charged at a rate of $25 per 15 minutes. No reduction will made from the party balance as stated on the invoice issued to the Party Host due to guest cancellations or no-shows as a result of inclement weather.

Party deposits are fully refundable if cancellation is made no less than 21 days prior to the reservation date.
For cancellations made between 11-20 days prior to reservation date, deposit may be transferred to a future date no more than 45 days from original date, plus a $50 rebooking fee.
Cancellations made with 10 or fewer days remaining to reservation date will forfeit deposit entirely, with the exception of weather related cancellation, as outlined above.

In the event of an emergency cancellation by Sugarplum Studio for any reason other than weather, not limited to but including, mechanical failures, unexpected illness or personal tragedy, Party Host may choose either a full refund of deposit or optional reschedule within 1 year at 30% discount with no further liability to Sugarplum Studio.

Private Party Policies

Sugarplum Studio may be reserved for private parties.

We offer a variety of party packages, for adults and children at all levels of ability. Parties include instructor led activity where indicated, followed by 30 minutes of free time in the Lounge for your celebration. Additional 30 minute time blocks for celebration are available in advance at the rate of $50 per 30 minutes. Your party ends promptly at the end of your reserved time, regardless of the time of day,so that our staff may prepare the studio for the next party or close at the end of the business day. Parties that run unscheduled overtime will automatically be charged the overtime rate, even if it is the final party of the business day.

Parties include all decorating materials for the activity, use of decorating tools where indicted, use of aprons, professional instruction where indicated and take home packaging for each guest’s edible art.

All parties require a deposit of $100 that will be applied toward your final bill.
Dates are not considered reserved without a paid deposit and all dates are subject to availability. Once a deposit is confirmed and a date officially booked, an Event Contract will be issued outlining party details. Event Proposal must be confirmed with 5 days of receipt. Once accepted, any changes made will require a new contract.

Party deposits are fully refundable if cancellation is made no less than 21 days prior to the reservation date.
For cancellations made between 11-20 days prior to reservation date, deposit may be transferred to a future date no more than 45 days from original date, plus a $50 rebooking fee.
Cancellations made with 10 or fewer days remaining to reservation date will forfeit deposit entirely, with the exception of weather related cancellation, as outlined above.

Once a deposit has been paid, failure to actively communicate with Sugarplum Studio regarding your reservation will prevent us from preparing for your event. Several attempts will be made to contact you. If you do not intend to go through with your reservation, you must inform us either by email or phone call.
if you fail to cancel your reservation, either verbally or via email, you will be responsible for the entire cost of the package you reserved and the credit card you submitted for deposit will be billed automatically.

As the Party Host, you may bring your own food and beverages for your guests. We recommend easy, hand held food items such as pizza, sandwich trays and finger foods, as no serving staff or serving utensils will be provided.  Standard white plates and napkins will be provided by Sugarplum Studio, along with disposable drinkware.
Food and beverages may only be served during the 30 minute celebration period following the instructional activity. Food and beverages are not permitted at the work tables during the instructional activity.

Decorations and Party Favors:
Balloons are permitted.
Nothing may be hung on the studio walls.
Party games, photo booths and photo props are not permitted except in the 30 minute celebration time following the instructional activity.
Party favors are permitted, but may only be distributed as guests are leaving. Party favor bags may not be opened during the event.

A head count is due on the Wednesday prior to the event date, at which time an invoice will be issued for the balance due, payable on the day of your party, at the conclusion of your event. It is the responsibility of the Party Host to report the headcount on the due date. Sugarplum Studio will make 2 attempts to contact you for your headcount before your party is locked at the package inclusion with no additions possible.
You will be responsible for payment for every guest included in your headcount, regardless of whether or not they attend the party. No reductions will be made to your bill. Extra materials will be packed up for the Party Host to take home.
It is the responsibility of the Party Host to determine whether or not to include guests who fail to RSVP in the headcount. We will only be prepared for the number of guests included in your headcount and are not able to add additional guests on the day of your event.

Party host and guest of honor may arrive at Sugarplum Studio no more than 30 minutes prior to the start time of your event. The studio is thoroughly cleaned between event and will not be ready before then.
Please instruct your guests to arrive 15 minutes prior to the start time of your reservation for check in.
Your reservation begins and ends at the time specified in your contract. We cannot delay the start time of the activity for late arrivals and cannot guarantee that late arrivals will be able to complete the project in its entirety.
Unscheduled overtime will automatically be charged at a rate of $25 per 15 minutes.
All parties are subject to 6.625% NJ State Sales Tax.

All guests participating in decorating activities must have a Hold Harmless Agreement either signed by themselves, if 18 and older, or by parent/guardian if under 18. No exceptions.
If your party is Drop-Off, parent/guardian MUST escort their child to and from the studio.

Donation Requests

We receive requests for donations on a weekly basis. While we would love to be able to honor every request, as a small and relatively new business, we are financially unable to do so. However, we do value our community and therefore can grant a limited amount of requests per month, which we will choose *at our discretion* from all requests received. Donations granted will be in the form of a certificate for ONE single registration for one adult workshop or one children’s workshop, special events excluded. This certificate has no cash value and is subject to all of the terms of our registration policies.
Requests for donation must be mailed or dropped off to the studio in letter form.
If your request is chosen, you will be contacted by Sugarplum Studio to receive the donation. We cannot respond to every request received. Please do not submit multiple requests.